can remove the background off images can remove the background off images

There’s a new website, called, that will remove the backgrounds of any image in seconds. And the best things is is that it’s completely free. will save creators loads of times. After uploading a image to the site, it will automatically remove the background in under five seconds. While this is certainly handy for creators, it can also prove to be a good tool for casual users not familiar with Photoshop.

We’ve tested the site out, and it works well. It can even distinguish fine hairs from the background. That’s hard for even skilled creators to do.


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A great tool for editorial designers

This website will be helpful for journalists. Often times they are cutting out images to place text and titles around them. Plus, they are often working on tight deadlines. works well enough to be used professionally.

Image of a newspaper
This website would be a great tool for designers

But any creator who edits photos could use this, like any video creators making a thumbnail. Practically, if you need to do any kind of design, this tool could be of use. Overlaying an image over text could literally just take a minute.

It’s not perfect

However, the site isn’t always picture perfect, as you can see below: isn't always perfect isn’t always perfect

You can test it out yourself at


  1. Back in my day this would have taken me 11 hours in Photoshop cause you need to select each pixel one by one. If we talk about hair or small details. Remove bg is actually pretty impressive but the test I did all the pics are made smaller. Kind of defeats the purpose if you are need to post your product photos in Amazon. I need large photos so it’s better pay several dollars for online background removal service offered by other retouchers.

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