Reikan releases updated autofocus calibration software

Reikan has just released version 2.9 of its autofocus calibration software, FoCal. The updated version practically rewrites code for the software.

Focal has been around for 10 years, having been first released in 2011. It currently supports over 40 cameras and claims to be the only automatic autofocus calibration solution for DSLRs.

So what is different about FoCal version 2.9? Let’s look:

“Faster, more reliable” communication

Reikan says that during the development of FoCal 2.9, they’ve reworked almost every aspect of the software. One of the areas that have received a lot of attention is how the camera is controlled.

According to Reikan, FoCal 2.9 brings “faster, more reliable” communication” for connecting Canon cameras to Windows. That is something Mac users got in a previous update. The calibration software should also speed up capture and analysis methods to have these tests overlap. Also, there’s some UI improvements to show more information about the connected camera and support for dark and light themes.

64 bit macOS

Also, one of the primary drivers for the software rewrite was to become cooperative with macOS updates for Apple computers that will require all apps to use 64-bit architecture.

40 Canon and Nikon cameras supported by the autofocus calibration software

In total, FoCal 2.9 supports over 40 Canon and Nikon cameras. You can see the full list of the camera supported here.

Reikan FoCal Plus and FoCal Pro can be purchased through B&H Photo. Those who bought FoCal after October 1, 2017, can update for free. They can get it by logging into their Reikan account and downloading the new release.

Image courtesy B&H

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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