RED R3d SDK for NVIDIA CUDA-accelerated workflow is now available
RED R3d SDK for NVIDIA CUDA-accelerated workflow is now available. Image courtesy RED.

Today RED releases the R3D SDK with the REDCINE-X PRO software for better playback, faster transcoding and the abilty to use R3D files over proxy files.

This software and hardware pair, with accelerated decode and debayering on NVIDIA CUDA platforms, together should offer real-time playback, edit and color grade of 8K footage.

RED, working with NVIDIA, has moved their 3D decoding off of the CPU and onto the GPU. The 3D SDK is available for software applications that “leverage the advancements in NVIDIA GPU acceleration,” according to RED. By offloading the intensive decoding and debayering of RED R3D files onto one or more NVIDIA GPUs, RED says “real-time playback, edit and color grade of 8K footage is now possible.”

When RED rolled out RED Code RAW — a wavelet based codec — it made 4K capture possible back in 2007 and makes it possible to capture 8K on the current lineup of cameras. It keeps files small. However, the files have to be decoded before playing back or encoding. It requires a lot of CPU processing power to decode. You should now see faster encoding and time savings on projects.

What are the direct benefits of using the RED R3D SDK with the REDCINE-X PRO software?

  • 8K real-time 30 fps or greater playback performance
  • Up to 10x faster transcoding, depending on the format and content
  • Improvement efficiencies and quality control within the content review process
  • Use R3D files instead of proxy files

The 8K playback performance is available with NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 and 8000, GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, and TITAN RTX GPUs. They obviously have to be paired with a moderately configured PC as well.

“[The] new NVIDIA RTX laptops from the world’s leading computer manufacturers, including Dell, Razer, Acer, Alienware, ASUS, Gigabyte, HP, Lenovo, MSI and Samsung, provide real-time playback at up to 8K and offer flexibility in choosing the right tools to fit a variety of budgets,” says RED.

Additionally, RED says you can get more performance boost with multi-GPU configurations. Also it says you “may see noticeable gains even with older NVIDIA GPUs.”

Image courtesy RED


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