Quark is the world’s smallest GoPro stabilizer

The Noir Matter Quark stabilizer is a single-axis gimbal designed specifically for GoPros. According to the company, for $299 you will get the world’s smallest stabilizer. Now, you may recall that GoPro has its own built-in stabilization: HyperSmooth. Well, from what we’ve seen, it looks like the Quark keeps the footage more stable than HyperSmooth alone.

Noir Matter’s Quark
Noir Matter’s Quark. Image courtesy Noir Matter.

Not necessarily removing the vibration

Typically, three-axis stabilizers remove the vibration and shake of many action videos. The Quark instead only corrects the tilt by keeping the GoPro level. Correcting the tilt allows the Quark to correct rolling movements. Noir Matter’s Quark stabilizer looks to keep your GoPro level at all times.

This video from Thomas Ricker shows what the Quark can do for the GoPro Hero7 Black camera. He used the same camera, helmet and rider for both clips:


In total, the Quark weighs just 140 grams. The company does claim this is the smallest stabilizer in the world, and it is definitely compact. Though when it comes to its durability, reports seem to suggest it may not be the most durable stabilizer out there. The Verge’s Thomas Ricker wrote he “broke two GoPro mounts during [his] testing.”

Plus, the stabilizer isn’t built to be submerged into the water. It does have an IP66 rating, however. This means it can withstand exposure to jets of water. Its IP66 won’t save it from continuous immersion in water.

As for its battery life, the stabilizer can last between two to four hours.


The Quark is listed for $299, but right now it’s available for $199 for a limited time at noirmatter.com. It will ship with a carry case the can carry both the stabilizer and the camera you are using.

Image courtesy Noir Matter and thegadgetflow.com

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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