Phase One XT is a 150-megapixel photo camera

Phase One has an extra addition to its line of medium format cameras. The new XT body is made for the field, offering resolutions up to 150 megapixels.

This new XT camera, with its 150 megapixels, comes with new lenses and an electronically controlled electromagnetic shutter system. When it comes to the look of the camera, it looks like a frame with a lens on the front and a digital screen on its back. And that’s basically what it is.

So let’s get into the specifics:


With its unique design, the XT’s digital back is where the sensor, processing, and controls are located. Controls on the body include dials to shift the lens horizontally and vertically. That may seem bare-boned to you, but Phase One intends for the XT to be a modular camera. That means you have the option to upgrade the camera as new parts are released.

Phase One XT photo camera
Phase One XT photo camera


Sadly, there’s no autofocus on the XT—unlike the XF. However, its focus can be adjusted manually. It does sport a newly developed carbon lead shutter system for XT lenses. This allows you to control the camera remotely.

The XT is for photographers

Professional photographers looking to shoot landscape photos are the best fit for this camera. Supposedly, the camera can produce studio-quality images out in the field. It’s a camera that is very task-specific. It’s intended for landscape and architectural photography.

XT camera in use
The XT is best suited for landscape photographers


Compared to other Phase One cameras, this one is much smaller and lighter. How light is it? It should be portable enough to carry around in a backpack with ease.

Pricing and availability

The XT system is out now for $56,990. The first lenses available for the XT system are a 23mm f/5.6, a 32mm f/4, and a 70mm f/5.6. Older lenses that have manually cocked shutters work as well.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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