Pelican Air 1745 aims to protect long lights from damage

Pelican’s revealed the Pelican Air 1745 Long Case for NAB 2019. The case claims to be an advanced case that can protect your long lights from “high-impact.”

Built tough and portable

Protecting your lights is for sure important and it can get tough when they are long lights. Pelican looks to provide protection with the Ait 1745. The case itself is built out of polymer, and claims to provide up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases. Inside of the case, which measure out to be 44” x 16.77” x 8”, offers more than 5,900 square inches. That count officially makes the Air 1745 the deepest Pelican long case.

“Its form factor was developed to protect all manner of long equipment,” says Pelican. “Like survey equipment and firearms, in the harshest environments.”

Pelican says the case has passed all the same performance tests they put their other Pelican case lines through. The tests look at the case’s handling of impact, drop, submersion, high and low temperature.

The case is also the first to sport “extremely tough” Press and Pull latches. The latches themselves lock automatically, but reportedly can be open with “a light touch.”

Pelican 1745 Air Long Case closed
Pelican’s 1745 Air claims to be 40% lighter than other polymer cases. Image courtesy Pelican Products.

Pelican is answering its users demand for longer form factors

For two years, Pelican says they’ve received a lot of feedback from their customers requesting for a longer form factor for the Pelican Air. Since then, they’ve worked to implement that into the case line.

“Since we introduced the Pelican Air series over two years ago, customers have demanded a long form factor in the Pelican Air case line,” said John Luna, Director of Product Management, Commercial/Government Products. “We heard their feedback and, in response, are pleased to introduce an extraordinarily tough and lightweight long case worthy of the Pelican name.”

Air 1745’s Design

The 1745 Air comes with an automatic purge valve, proprietary HPX Polymer, “quiet rolling” stainless-steel bearing wheels, and a “watertight” O-ring gasket. So you won’t need to worry about your lights getting wet.

Pricing and availability

The Pelican Air 1745 Long Case starts at $323 and can be bought in two versions. The first comes with Pelican’s Pick N’ Pluck Foam. The other version comes without the foam.

Image courtesy Pelican Products.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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