Parrot’s new thermal drone shoots 4K HDR video

Soon we will be getting a new drone from Parrot that will be able to shoot 4K video and will have a thermal camera that is intended for professionals.

While DJI is seen as the undisputed drone leader in the market, Parrot’s ANAFI line is probably one of the best contenders to challenge DJI’s Mavic line. However, it seems like the Parrot this time around is looking to past the hobbyist and consumer market with its thermal camera.

Video shooting

The new drone, being called the ANAFI Thermal, will include a 4K HDR camera with a 21-megapixel sensor and 3x digital zoom. Its camera is mounted on a gimbal that’s capable of tilting 90 degrees up and down. Its battery brings a slight improvement over other recent models. It can last up to 26 minutes per charge and the drone comes with three of them.

Thermal camera

What makes the drone really standout from other drones is its titular thermal camera. The ANAFI Thermal is capable of shooting live images that layer thermal and high-res images.

ANAFI Thermal's target audience is professionals in the feild.
ANAFI Thermal’s target audience is professionals in the field. Image courtesy Parrot.

Parrot is hoping its new drone will be useful to a large number of uses. Those include things like surveillance and inspection. For instance, Parrot aims to aid firefighters, solar panel inspectors and the building/construction industry.

Pricing and availability

Parrot’s ANAFI Thermal is said to be coming out next month. Additionally, the ANAFI Thermal will be priced at $1,900 at its launch.

Image courtesy Parrot

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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