Panasonic firmware update gifts AW-UE150 V-Log

The latest firmware update from Panasonic will update its AW-UE150 pan / tilt / zoom camera. The update will ad V-Log to the AW-UE150.

The 4K/HD HDR-capable AW-UE150 will support V-Log after this update. V-Log should allow the camera to integrate better into production environments. It will allow for much easier post-production matching with other Panasonic cameras with V-Log.

How will V-Log benefit the AW-UE150?

Essentially, V-Log preserves tonality and color palette of the image with a low contrast signal format. V-Log also opens up more control over the image in the post-production and grading processes.

When in V-Log mode, the AW-UE150 the camera will output 4K and HD signals as V-Log. Also, to ease the operator use, an optional V709 monitoring LUT may be added to the HD monitor output. That should add “normal” contrast “permitting easy focus and exposure control,” says Panasonic.

“The use of an appropriate LUT box will provide an easy means of adding a desired “look” to the V-Log for use in IMAG or Realtime video display,” says Panasonic.

Taking full advantage of V-Log

According to Panasonic, the AW-UE150 can take advantage of the V-Log/V-Gamut based VariCam LUT Library of prebuilt image options. These are universally accepted accord the AW-UE150, the ubiquitous VariCams, the EVA1 and the AK-UC4000 studio camera through an external LUT box. This should allow for continuity when it comes to matching images across all cameras.

Pricing and availability

The AW-UE150 Ver. 2.28 will be free for all of those that own the camera. So, if you have or later purchase the camera, you can get this update for free. The update will add additional improvements like RTMPS support for live streaming, a preset iris mode, HDMI status menu, a real-time camera data update, and ON/OFF mode in the web browser. There will also be a dedicated preset thumbnail page in the web browser, additional crop frames on the web GUI, and a TLS1.0/1.1 disable mode.

The update is out now and you can get it here.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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