OWC Aura Pro SSD boosts your Mac’s storage capacity to 2 TB

OWC announced its new line of Aura Pro X2 SSDs for the MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and Mac Pro. The SSDs aim to increase capacity and speed.

Adding more storage can get pretty expensive for MacBook users, forcing them to spend anywhere between $1,300 to $4,000 for an upgrade. The new SSDs from OWC are not priced so high. In fact, their price point is fairly budget-friendly for the amount of storage it’s offering. The 2TB model costs just $699, compared to Apple’s $1,200 factory upgrade.

16X the capacity

If you’re storing a lot of video files, photos and games on your Mac, storage is going to fill up quick. OWC’s Aura Pro X2 SSDs are offered in four models: 230GB, 480GB, 1TB and 2TB SSDs. OWC claims they’ll offer up to a massive 16X boost to storage space.

Benefiting from nearly a decade of SSD design experience, the Aura Pro X2 should use less power and run cooler. If the claims are true, is the best way to upgrade most 2013 to 2017 model year Apple Macs, according to OWC.

Aura Pro X2 SSDs go up to 2TB capacity
Aura Pro X2 SSDs go up to 2TB capacity. Image courtesy OWC.

Double the Speed

OWC says the SSDs are twice as fast as the original SSDs. The Aura Pro X2 should give older Macs a speed boost. They can reach read speeds over 3200MB/s and write speeds of 2400MB/s. And though they run faster, OWC says they run cooler and consumes less power. This will result in a longer battery life for MacBook users.

Applicable Mac Models

The new Aura Pro X2 upgrades OWC’s entire line up of SSD models designed specifically for Apple models. They’re now available for MacBook Air (Mid-2013 to 2017), MacBook Pro (Retina, Late 2013 to Mid 2015), Mac Pro(2013/Current Model) and Mac mini (Late 2014). Additionally, they use the latest Flash NAND and controller capabilities from new OWC designs.

Pricing and availability

The 240GB, 480GB, 1TB, and 2TB SSD are priced at $119, $179, $299, and $699. They are out now at MacSales.com.

Image courtesy OWC

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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