Otoy launches Octane X on Mac App Store for free

The Octane X app is now available on the Mac App Store. Otoy announced the unbiased GPU renderer is open for download to all Macs running macOS Big Sur.

This is big news for Mac users. Otoy’s OctaneRender drastically cut down the time needed for spectral rendering when released nearly a decade ago. However, it was only available to graphic artists using PCs powered by Nvidia. Now, Octane X, the Mac version of OctaneRender, allows Mac users to utilize the software.

“OTOY is proud to officially launch Octane X on the Mac App Store – bringing the industry’s first and fastest spectral GPU renderer to millions of macOS users,” Otoy writes in its announcement blog.

Octane X
Image courtesy: Otoy

Otoy democratizes visual effects with Octane X

The app comes with all Octane X DCC plug-ins and RNDR support (the first distributed blockchain rendering platform). Additionally MacBook Pro, iMac Pro and Mac Pro users have access to a full year of Octane X Enterprise. The first year is completely free.

Macs models powered by the Apple M1 chip, and the latest AMD and Intel integrated graphics on macOS Big Sur 11.1 and later, have access to 1 year of Octane X Prime. This includes access to all Octane X DCC integrations.


  • Mesh geometry engine optimized for AMD GPUs
  • Supports hundreds of millions primitives per mech instance
  • eGPUs connected over Thunderbolt 3
  • Up to 400 GPUs over network rendering
  • Node-based material, shader and scene graph editor
  • AI-powered denoising system

Pricing availability

Otoy’s Octane X is out now on the Mac App Store and is free to download on macOS Big Sur devices.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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