Nikon reveals Z7 and Z6 eye detection in new update

Nikon has promised to add eye detection to their Z7 and Z6 mirrorless cameras since their release. It seems Nikon is keeping this promise with the latest firmware update for the Z camera line.

The new firmware update hones its efforts to improve both of the cameras’ autofocuses, namely with eye detection — as promised. The firmware version 2.0 is out now, so if you have one of the two cameras, you can download it here.

Z7 and Z6 get eye detection

Obviously, the big feature in this firmware update is eye detection. The eye detection can be used with Auto-area AF mode in both single shot (AF-S) and continuous shooting (AF-C) modes. Now, it is important to note that the eye detection feature is meant for just still-image shooting. It isn’t for video shooting.

After getting the update, Nikon says that the Z7 and Z6 can lock onto their subject’s eyes, even if the subject is moving or is slightly blocked.

“When the eyes of multiple subjects are detected, the multi-selector or sub-selector can be used to select the eye upon which the camera should focus,” Nikon says. “This enables precise focus on the eye of the intended individual, even when looking through the Electronic Viewfinder.

Also, if you want to take shots of multiple people with the feature, you can. The cameras’ focus can move between one subject’s face to another. You can utilize this feature by pressing the multi-selector or sub-selector to the left or right.

The update brings AF improvements in low-light, too

After the update, you should also notice an improvement to the Z7 and Z6’s autofocusing when capturing photos and videos in the dark or dimly lit situations. It extends the Z7’s AF detection range from -1EV to -2 EV for the Z7. The Z6’s detection range extends from -2 EV to -3.5 EV. So out of the two, the Z6 should be able to use its autofocus better in darker scenes than the Z7.

AE tracking in continuous high-speed mode

The update also brings in support for AE tracking in continuous high-speed (extended) mode. This allows the cameras to track exposure just like they do in focus AF tracking. It should help ensure images taken with burst or high-speed continuous shooting are in focus and keep the exposure on track.


If you want to update your Z7 and Z6, you can go to Nikon’s Download Center to get the firmware version 2.0.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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