New Sony camera might drop next week

It appears Sony has a big announcement planned for January 26th. There’s speculation the new announcement will be a new Sony camera.

Sony recently uploaded a teaser video for a new product announcement set for January 26th at 7 AM Pacific Time. The teaser gives us little information regarding what Sony will announce on the 26th. However, we do know that the announcement will be for a new Sony Alpha camera. Also, we were left with the tagline “The one never seen”. To what that means, our guess is as good as yours.

Video courtesy: Sony

Rumors suggest it’s a new Sony a9 series camera

The teaser naturally sparked a ton of speculation about what Sony’s planning to reveal. One of the rumors claims it’s a new a9 series camera. Both Mirrorless Rumors and Sony Alpha Rumors have put their bets on it being a new a9 camera. Their reasoning is due to the recent release of the a7C. In many regards, the a7C is a repackaged, smaller version of the a7 III.

There’s another rumor that the new camera will be a part of Sony’s sports-line, but offer a higher than usual resolution, reaching around 50 megapixels. Additionally, speculators think this sports-line camera could offer 8K video.

There are a lot of rumors out there, but only one can be right. In the past, there’s been many speculations that have failed to predict what Sony actually announced. We all will just have to wait until the announcement next week. Be sure to watch the event when it drops on January 26th at 7 AM Pacific Time. You can watch the event live on YouTube.

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Sean Berry
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