New Rokinon 14mm lens is world’s first Autofocus 14mm RF mount prime

Rokinon has announced the new 14mm F2.8 Full Frame Ultra-Wide lens. Made for Canon RF mount, this lens claims to be the world’s first RF-compatible autofocus prime.

According to the press release, the lens has a 113.9-degree ultra-wide-angle view, which is said to be the widest for any autofocus prime lens made for the Canon R series mirrorless cameras. Additionally, Rokinon promises that the AF 14mm will offer “high performance, value, and affordability.”

Right now, Canon R series cameras are forced to use an EF/EFS with a costly mount adapter to be able to use an autofocusing ultra-wide-angle prime lens. Often times, all this becomes heavy for a mirrorless camera. The new Autofocus 14mm has a shorter length of the flange back to reduce its length and weight. The drop in size should allow for faster and quieter AF performance.

14mm F2.8 Full Frame Ultra-Wide lens
14mm F2.8 Full Frame Ultra-Wide lens

Rokinon 14mm’s design

The AF Rokinon 14mm RF mount lens has a bright f2.8 aperture and a rounded seven-blade aperture. Inside, it has a 14 element / 10 group design. It uses UMI anti-reflective coatings and six special elements. These consist of 3 Aspherical, 1 High Refractive Index, and 2 Extra-low Dispersion elements.

Build and durability

The lens has a Manual / Autofocus switch along with dust and moisture resistant weather sealing. Additionally, it has a lens hood, high strength aluminum alloy housing, and a rear filter holder.

Pricing and availability

The AF Rokinon 14mm F2.8 Full Frame ultra-wide for Canon RF mount will be out in December. It will cost $799.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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