New NVIDIA drivers target Adobe apps, REDCINE-X, others

NVIDIA’s revealed its Creator Ready Driver program: a program that will extensively revise and test top creative applications to improve performance.

In contrast to the company’s other driver program, the Game Ready driver program, the Creative Ready drivers must first go through a considerable amount of testing and multiple revision of top creative applications. This should mean no matter what application you decide you use. You should experience the best performance regardless, according the NVIDIA.

Creator Ready Driver program application performance improvements graph
Here’s the performance increase this program will give these applications. Image courtesy

NVIDIA’s main focus for the drive program is to support the creative creator community. “as demands increase on creators to generate higher volume of quality content, it’s more important than ever to ensure the apps and hardware that creators depend on never miss a beat,” says NVIDIA. “ So NVIDIA has introduced a Creator Ready Driver program to provide artists, creators and game developers the best performance and reliability when working with creative applications.”

The program also calls for “exhaustive multi-app testing”

NVIDIA additionally conducts exhaustive multi-app testing for each type of creative workflow. Essentially, the company is evaluating drive quality based on tasks the creators would actually be doing, like switching between applications to work. For instance, NVIDIA is testing cutting 4K video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and moving it over to After Effects and then back over to Premiere for rendering.

Creator Ready Driver page on
The Creator Ready Driver program extensively revises and tests top creative applications to maximize performance. Image courtesy

Plans for Game Ready Drivers remain unchanged

The release of Creator Ready Drivers will not change any planned Game Ready Drivers releases. Both Game and Creator Ready Drivers will include all NVIDIA feature set and application support for games and creative apps. So you’ll be able to choose which driver you would prefer to use.


The first Creative Ready Driver is out now at or GeForce Experience. When from GeForce Experience, you’ll have the ability to switch between Game Ready and Creator Ready Drivers at any time.

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Sean Berry
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