New Facebook monetization options for creators are here

Facebook has just announced a number of new monetization options for video creators in hopes of attracting them away from YouTube.

The new monetization options include more paid groups, ad placement options, and packs of Stars viewers can buy and send during live streams. These new features are looking to allow more creators to make money on Facebook.

Let’s look at each new option in detail:

Revenue through ads

Facebook now offers revenue from ad breaks. The breaks come in three formats. The first comes in the form of mid-roll shown during the video. The second option is pre-roll before the video, in places where people go to watch a particular video like Search or Watchlist. The last format is through a non-interruptive image ad that shows below the video without stopping it.

Revenue through brand collaborations

Facebook is rolling out the ability for creators to share their audience with advertisers for ads targeting. This should allow the brand to target ads featuring a particular post to the creator’s followers, in addition to boosting it to broad relevant audiences.

Facebook hopes this will “provide creators with a more secure way to share their audience with business partners.”

Revenue directly from fans

Creators can now offer supporter-only Groups. In these Groups, subscribed fans will be able to interact with the creator and each other in a “private space.” Creators will also have access to more insights, like their supporters’ status—new, active, and churned—over time.

“In testing, we’re encouraged at the potential of this feature to help fans form deeper communities and stronger bonds with creators on Facebook,” Facebook says.

Facebook is also testing more ways for creators to earn revenue directly from their fans. They’re looking to do this by expanding their Facebook Star concept. While Stars are meant for gaming creators, Facebook wants to adapt the feature for video creators in all genres. Viewers would be able to send Stars during live and on-demand videos, providing one-time support to the creator.

Updates to Creator Studio

Additionally, the Creator Studio is getting a few new updates:

  • New monetization overview section: the new monetization overview section looks to allow creators to manage all their monetization products in one place.
  • Bringing Instagram and IGTV to Creator Studio: Facebook’s integrating Instagram insights, content management, and publishing tools for both Instagram feed posts and IGTV into Creator Studio.
  • New Audience and Retention Insights: Lastly, Facebook is launching new insights to hopefully help video creators better understand the demographics, viewing behaviors, interests of their audience, and how long people are watching their videos.

All of these updates have been integrated in Creator Studio today.

You can check out all the new monetization options and updates at

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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