Netflix approves Sony FX6 for usage on original productions

Netflix added the Sony FX6 to the Netflix Approved Camera List, which means the Sony FX6 can officially be used to film productions for Netflix

For a production to be considered, final Netflix productions need to consist of 90 percent of footage shot on cameras on the approved list. So far, only a few select cameras have been approved by Netflix, so it’s a big achievement to earn the platform’s approval. According to Sony, the FX6 met the minimum resolution and capture requirements. Additionally, the camera’s dynamic range, form factor, stability and workflow compatibility also influenced Netflix’s decision.

Sony FX6: making the cut

The Sony FX6, announced this November, is a solid and feature-rich cinema camera. This addition to the Netflix Approved Camera List is clearly deserved. One of the highlights of the camera is its incredible performance in low light. In total, the camera has an ISO range of up to 409,600. Also, it has two sensitivity settings—base sensitivity at ISO 800 and enhanced sensitivity at ISO 12,800. It’s a great camera for any run and gun videographer that can’t control the lighting of the environments they’re shooting in. Additionally, it supports 10bit 422 120fps in 4K video shooting, another strong highlight. You can read our full review on Sony FX6 here.

So now the FX6 joins Netflix’s approved camera list alongside the LUMIX S1H. Netflix recently approved the LUMIX S1H as well, making history. It’s good to see Netflix approving more cameras for videographers to use. The more cameras Netflix adds to the list opens up more options for their videographers. So, we hope Netflix continues to add capable and affordable cameras like the Sony FX6 and the LUMIX S1H.

Image courtesy: Sony

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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