NABWeek 2020: Fluotec CineLight 480 Super Quad promises bright pure white light

The new Fluotec CineLight 480 Super QUAD light claims to be the largest and most powerful luminaire on the entire market.

This light is a constant output Bi-Color Tunable DMX LED Long Throw Panel soft light. According to the company, it features a constant output of pure white light. Its light output is equivalent to 4 CineLight 120 fixtures. This very well might make it the most powerful light fixture out there.

The CineLight 480 Super Quad is a self-contained luminaire

According to Adorama, “the great thing about this light is that, unlike the much more expensive competitors, [the CineLight 480] is a self-contained luminaire that does not need a ballast or power supply.”

Unlike a lot of its more expensive competitors, the light is self-contained and doesn’t need anything else to operate.

Color temperature

The CineLight 480 Super QUAD’s color temperature range runs from 2700 to 6600K. So this light can deliver soft white, cool white and daylight.

Notable features

  • Constant output pure white light
  • Digital dimmer 0%-100%
  • Stepless CCT and dimming technology
  • Fixture type: light panel
  • Panel size: 24″ x 24″
  • Power source: AC
  • Color temperature: Bi-Color
  • Color temperature range: 2700-6600K

Pricing and availability

The Fluotec CineLight 480 Super QUAD is out right now for around $12,700. That’s a lot of cash, but compared to its competitors and what it can do, the price may be justifiable.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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