edelkrone JibONE is the best motion control system of NAB Week 2020

Congratulations to edelkrone! The edelkrone JibONE is Videomaker’s pick for the best motion control system of NAB Week 2020.

The JibOne is an impressive jib with motorized tilt and pan functionality that you can control straight from your phone. mounts directly onto a tripod. After it is attached, you can control the jib with its dedicated app. You will be able to have the jib pan and tilt. It’s capable of capturing both inclining, horizontal and diagonal shots at every 22.5 degrees to mix both axes. In total, the jib can hold up to 11 lbs. That can hold most cameras and attached equipment. Since it does so much, so easily, with so many cameras, it’s clear the JibONE is the best motion control system of NAB Week 2020.

The JibONE can be hand-controlled

If you don’t want to rely on using the remote control app to program the jib, you can manually adjust the JibONE’s positions. You can literally program the camera’s motions with just your hands. While in the middle of a shoot, it can be time-consuming to always go back to the app to adjust the shot. Being able to program with just your hands allows you to work much faster and make the entire experience more intuitive.

Fast setup and portability

One of the nice features of the JibONE seems to be its portability. The jib can fit in most cameras and is fast and easy to set up. There’s no assembly required. You don’t need tools either. It takes just a few minutes to set up.


To keep everything balanced, the JibONE’s comes with counterweights. You can slide the counterweights forward and backward to balance the entire system. Each counterweight weighs 2.2 pounds. You can add up to 4 of them, which will equal 11 pounds total.

edelkrone App

In the edelkrone App, you can set the pose of your camera. Additionally, you can adjust the speed and acceleration of the transition between keyposes and create time-lapse videos. The keypose, the transition speed, and the transition smoothness adjustments are available on the main screen after it pairs with your JibONE.

Pricing and availability

You can get the JibONE now for $1,299.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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