NAB 2023: PTZOptics Move SE wins Best PTZ Camera

Taking home our Best PTZ Camera of NAB 2023 award is the PTZOptics Move SE. Great for small productions and solo streamers, this new pan-tilt-zoom camera uses AI algorithms to automatically track talent. It expands the existing PTZOptics camera lineup, including the previously-released Move 4K, and offers a more affordable option for creators broadcasting in Full HD.

Introducing the PTZOptics Move SE

The PTZOptics Move SE promises high-quality video with a maximum resolution of 1080p. It offers a maximum frame rate of 60 frames per second. Depending on the model chosen, the camera has up to a 12x, 20x or 30x optical zoom as well as a 16x digital zoom.

PTZOptics Move SE’s AI-powered tracking

In addition to remote manual operation, the PTZOptics Move SE also offers AI-powered automatic tracking. PTZOptics says the software-enables system uses advanced AI algorithms to automatically track specific people during a broadcast.

That means a solo streamer can take advantage of the camera’s pan, tilt and zoom functions without having an additional camera operator. Automatic tracking also expands the capacity of small production teams.


The Move SE is ready for a variety of use cases. It can output video via SDI, HMDI and USB-C. It also supports network-based production workflows with an optional NDI|HX upgrade. This allows the PTZ camera to transmit low-latency, high-quality over IP.

Bonus features

Other features of the Move SE include focal range and focus lock, which give you more control over the camera’s autofocus functions. Meanwhile, motion sync and precision speed control help create precise yet natural camera movements and color matching ensures proper white balance and matches color settings between different cameras.

Pricing and availability

The PTZOptics Move SE’s pricing starts at just under $1,000. It comes with a five-year warranty and award-winning customer support. To learn more and get release updates, visit

Nicole LaJeunesse
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