NAB 2019: Rhino Arc II wins Best Motion Control System

Congratulations to Rhino Camera Gear for winning Videomaker’s Best Motion Control System award with their Rhino Arc II motorized head.

What started as a Kickstarter campaign has grown into something quite amazing. The Rhino Arc II motorized head allows you to capture both videos and time-lapses. The Rhino Arc II is basically a robotic camera assistant that has the ultimate goal of replacing fluid heads.

This 4-axis motorized head is compatible with both tripods and Rhino sliders. Plus, it can handle up to 15 pounds without having any issues due to weight. Also, when the head is used with a slider, the motor is capable of moving 25 pounds horizontally and 10 pounds vertically.

Rhino Arc II
Rhino Arc II.

Simple control and mounting

The Arc II can be used on a tripod or as part of the Rhino ecosystem. You can control the Arc II via its smartphone app or using built-in joysticks to control its pan, tilt, focus, and slide. And for faster setup, the Arc II also features motorized mounting using its pan motor.


Like we said before, the system can handle load capacities up to 15 pounds. This allows the system to handle most small cinema cameras. Additionally, it has a high capacity battery with a DC out to power your camera.

The battery has a capacity of 60Wh. So you should be able to squeeze out about 48 hours when you are using it to capture time-lapses, or about two hours of continuous shooting. When the battery is drained, it takes about two hours to recharge fully. Also, it’s worth noting the system has a built-in Manfrotto 501 plate receiver.

Congratulations once again to Rhino Camera Gear for winning Videomaker’s Best Motion Control System award at NAB 2019 for the Rhino Arc II. You can purchase one for yourself for $1,400 on Rhino Camera Gear’s website.

Image courtesy Rhino Camera Gear

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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