MXL reveals APS Podcasting Bundle for podcaters

MXL Microphones has introduced its APS Podcasting Bundle. The bundle contains three solutions for live streaming and podcasts.

The bundle consists of the MXL BCD-1 Broadcast Dynamic Microphone, the BCD-Stand and Mic Mate Pro. Together, MXL claims these products will give users “easy-to-use” and “professional-sounding” tools to create “high-quality” audio podcasts.

MXL’s promotional video for the APS Bundle

“In the last decade, podcasts have seen a huge surge in popularity, and our APS Podcasting Bundle provides the quality tools needed for those in this market,” says Trevor Fedele, sales director of MXL Microphones. “With the creation of the APS Podcasting Bundle, studio-quality broadcasting technology is now within the reach of every recording enthusiast.”

MXL BCD-1 Broadcast Dynamic Microphone

First in the APS Podcasting Bundle, the MXL BCD-1 is an end address microphone. MXL describes it as a microphone with “warm, rich” tones designed to make “vocals stand out” in recording and broadcasting. With built-in mount, the setup should keep any vibrations and unwanted noise away. The mic’s turn grill works to eliminate internal reflections and can be repositioned with the MXL BCD-Stand.


The BCD-Stand is a hinge arm that allows for “easy” mic placement. Additionally, MXL says it provides a “professional” look and feel for podcasters. Also, there are optional clamps and swivel mounts that you can get if you wish.

Mic Mate Pro

As for the Mic Mate Pro, its an XLR-to-USB audio interface adapter included in the APS Podcasting Bundle. Podcasters and live streams can connect their microphones to their computers. Basically, this turns any XLR microphones into a USB microphone.

It offers 48V phantom power, gain, and headphone volume control. The Mic Mate Pro allows podcasters to start recording without any need for special driver installations for a “plug-in-play” experience. For even simpler operation, the microphone’s gain and headphone volume can be adjusted with low-profile rotary knobs. Additionally, there’s a built-in headphone jack.

Pricing and availability

You can get the bundle now for about $299. To learn more about the APS Podcasting Bundle, got to MXL’s official site.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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