Moment updates Pro Camera app with pro features

Moment’s unveiled a huge update for its Pro Camera app. The update adds new pro features to the app to keep the app up-to-date with creators’ needs.

Typically, Moment is known for making smartphone lenses to help smartphones take more professional-looking images. However, their mobile app allows users to edit the photos they take.

Moment made a video to show off what’s new with the app.

So what is being added to the app? Let’s break down this huge update:

For the Android side of the app

For the updates that are coming to the Android version app only, it adds a number of new features. The app is getting split focus and exposure and an RGB histogram. Plus, it can now capture both a RAW and JPG image in RAW mode. This should let you preview RAW images faster.

The update also promises performance improvements. There are updates for the camera roll design and improved OnePlus and Samsung S10 device support. These updates are more general than the ones listed above.

Updates for both the iOS and Android app

Now let’s talk about the features coming to both iOS and Android. Both versions of the app will get zebra stripes and focus peaking. The zebra stripes are very visible, so you’ll see them right away through the viewfinder highlighting over and underexposed areas of your shot. With focus peaking, you’ll be able to dial in focus in both photo and video mode. When you are manually focusing, the sharpest edges will be highlighted in the viewfinder.

Overview of Pro Camera update

  • Full manual control
  • ISO
  • Focus
  • White balance
  • Exposure
  • Shutter speed
  • RAW files
  • Color profiles
  • Live RGB histogram
  • Manual focus
  • Multiple bitrates
  • Waveform focus
  • RAW burst
  • Dual-channel audio meter
  • Anamorphic support

You can get the iOS and Android versions of Pro Camera for $5.99 and $3.99 respectively.

Image courtesy Moment

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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