Mevo opens pre-orders for new streaming camera: Mevo Start

Mevo announced its opening pre-orders for its new live streaming camera: Mevo Start. It’s billed as an all-in-one camera allowing users to share their experiences live.

Mevo Start “[puts] an end to the days of being trapped behind the camera,” says Mevo. This camera can be operated through its smartphone app, allowing the users to direct without having to be behind the camera. This makes it very useful for one-man-band content creators looking to live stream from an event. Also, the camera can stream directly to places like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, Twitter and Vimeo. It can even stream to multiple platforms simultaneously.

Key features

  • HD 1080p HD video
  • Instant sharing through Mevo app
  • Four hours of battery life during streaming and recording
  • HD streaming
  • 3.5MM audio port
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet support


The Mevo Start looks to be portable; its size makes it easy enough to carry around for content creators. Its battery can also last up to four hours during live streaming. Essentially, creators can stream events live in HD straight away for up to four hours. The camera also includes tools like HDR mode, exposure value (EV) correction, anti-flicker, image flip, contrast and sharpness.

“For years, Mevo has been in the trenches pioneering high-quality camera technology that has enabled livestreaming to become the cultural phenomenon it is today,” said Max Haot, founder and CEO of Mevo. “Mevo Start continues our cutting-edge work at the forefront of livestreaming technology, and we’re confident that Mevo Start’s capabilities will unlock livestreaming for everyone, regardless of their video experience level. When it’s worth sharing, it’s worth sharing right.”

Pricing and availability

The Mevo Start is open for pre-order now for $299. The camera will begin shipping in April. If you want to check out the camera, head to

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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