Media Links MDP3040 delivers 4K video with no latency

This week, Media Links’ announced the MDP3040, the latest in its MDP3000 series, a line of encoder/decoders that transport video, audio and data.

Down to specifics, the MDP3040 is a dual channel 4K UHD edge broadcast encoder/decoder. Media Links claims it “breaks new ground in the areas of performance, portability, and price.”

“The MDP3040 is part of the MDP3000 Series, a suite of compact, portable solutions that transport video, audio and data to and from the network edge for the real-time delivery of IP media services,” says Media Links. “Broadcasters can use the multi-channel MDP3040 for remote venue transport as well as for in-studio compression / decompression applications.”

Transporting 4K video

The MDP3040 uses TICO lightweight compression that allows it to transport 4K video resolution in the same bandwidth as current uncompressed HD video. The best part though, Media Links says there’s no loss in video quality and there’s no noticeable effect on latency.

Back of Media Links MDP3040
MDP3040 transports 4K video resolution in the same bandwidth as current uncompressed HD video. Open image courtesy

Delivering 4K video

When delivering 4K/UHD signals over existing 3G-SDI infrastructures, the MDP3040 can be used as either a two-channel encoder or two-channel decoder. Two 12G-SDI inputs can be ITCO encoded and transmitted over dual 10GbE network think interfaces. Two TICO encoded network streams can also be simultaneously received and decoded as two 12G-SDI outputs.

Highest level of network redundancy

Media Links says the MDP3040’s integrated hitless protection switching functionality “provides the highest level of network redundancy and video/audio protection. Also include is 4K frame synchronization, SMPTE 2022 conformance, source ID Generators and HDMI monitor output.”


  • 23G SDI and HDMI output interfaces
  • 10G trunk interfaces
  • Micro-BNC rear module for 12G SDI In/Out
  • Internal ID/Color Bar generator

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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