NAB 2019: Manfrotto brings new gen of Lykos LED lights to NAB

With NAB 2019 officially up and running, Manfrotto’s taken the show’s spotlight to shine it on their own lights — the new generation of Lykos LED lights.

The new lights are Manfrotto’s Lykos 2.0 Daylight and Lykos 2.0 Bicolor LED lights. They come with “advanced” surface mounted tech combined with a built-in lens. The company claims the lights ensure “spot-on” color rendition and color cast to achieve natural lighting.

“These ultra-portable LED lights cover all the needs of demanding professional videographers and photographers, for whom lighting is an art form,” says Manfrotto.

Lykos 2.0 Daylight

The Lykos 2.0 Daylight LED has a color temperature of 5600K and is claimed to be “perfect for cooling down skin tones.” This light seems best suited to an in-studio still life shoot. As for output, the Daylight offers illumination of 1660lux at 1m.

Lykos 2.0 Bicolor

When compared to its Daylight counterpart, the Lykos 2.0 Bicolor is a warmer LED that Manfrotto says is “ideal for giving skin that extra warmth.” Bicolor functionality gives this light a bit more flexibility than it’s Daylight counterpart. The Bicolor version offers a luminance of 1500lux at 1m.


Both of the models use surface-mounted LEDs to “ensure power efficiency, more consistent colour, [and] flicker-free illumination.” The LED control panel on the back of the lights allows users to dim levels and see the battery status. Additionally, the lights are built with hot shoe mounts that can connect up to 4 LED lights. Also, they can be controlled simultaneously via an app.

Plus, both lights are made with a water-resistant design, so they can be used outdoors if you so choose to.


The Lykos 2.0 Daylight is priced at $249 and the Lykos 2.0 Bicolor is priced at $299.99.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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