Loupedeck+ integrates Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Audition

Loupedeck’s announced its popular photo and video and photo editing console, Loupedeck+, now offers Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition integration.

After seeing the success of the Loupedeck+ at launch, Loupedeck said the natural next step for the console is to start integrating more editing programs. Originally, Loupedeck’s first integrated software was Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Now, the company believes Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition are the natural next steps delivering on an “increasing level of functionality and flexibility the video and audio editing communities require.”

“Our customers have been eager for Apple-integration with the Loupedeck+ since it was launched,” said Mikko Kesti, Founder and CEO of Loupedeck.

Additionally, Kesti went on to say Final Cut Pro X was the logical choice. “… we felt it was an important next step for us as we look to continue our mission of delivering a well-rounded experience for users and helping to improve their workflows,” he continued.


So, let’s get into the meat of the announcement. Here’s what the integrations will offer to Loupedeck+ users according to Loupedeck:

Final Cut Pro

  • Console labels all basic color grading tools
  • Able to create own configurations
  • Export/import personal configuration setups and easier to transfer them to another computer
  • Color Wheel workspace compatibility for color grading
  • Flexible timeline navigation, content trimming and clip adjustment
  • Customizable console buttons to Final Cut Pro

Adobe Auditions

  • Faster and more intuitive workflow
  • Create analogous use with digital project
  • Create single track and multitrack projects
  • More accurate track control and navigation
  • The integration supports editing tools like trim and nudge
  • Volume adjustments for all channels
  • Add Fades and Effects

Pricing and availability

The Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition integrations are out now. The Loupdeck+ console is priced at $249. You can learn more about the console at the company’s website.

Image courtesy fstoppers.com.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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