New Libec QH1 150mm Ball Head holds heavy camera setups

To handle a number of different heavy camera payload configurations, Libec has announced the QD line of tripod systems, including a 150mm ball head and several new tripods.

The 150mm head, which is part of the company’s new product line — the Libec QD series — is the first 150mm head in the company’s history. Also, if you’re wondering what QD actually stands for, Libec says that the abbreviation stands for “Quality Defined.” The series features the QH1, QH3, QD-10, QD-10M, QD-30, and QD-30M

Now, let’s take a look at the new 150mm head from Libec:

150mm Ball Head & Tripod

As said before, this new 150mm ball head from Libec is designed to support larger cameras. Libec says that the system — head and tripod — can handle capacities varying from 40 kg to 69 kg. That should cover a lot of different setups with substantial payloads.

Libec 150mm Ball Head
Libec 150mm Ball Head. Image courtesy

Counterbalance System

Using its own technology, Libec has reportedly made the tripod head with a smooth counterbalance system. The counterbalance knob can adjust with a constant motion to reach the minimum and max power range.

150 mm Head counterbalance system
The counterbalance system should make for easy and quick adjustments. Image courtesy

Quick release design

The 150mm has a snap-on-snap-off plate. The plate looks to allow users to quickly remove or mount your camera onto the tripod.

New Leg Lock Knob Design

Additionally, Libec claims the leg lock knob design on their new tripods is especially easy to turn. If it is easy to turn, users will be able to adjust the tripod legs quicker and the setup will be much stable.

Pricing and availability

Libec 150mm ball head and tripod systems are scheduled to start shipping later this year in August. So far there’s no information about the price.

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