Leak: Leica Q2 will arrive as early as next month

It’s been four years since the original Leica Q’s release, but recent leaks suggest the Leica Q2 is right around the corner. The new camera is expected to bring weatherproofing and an improved sensor to the table.

These leaked pictures come from Nokishita and they hint that the overall design of the Q2 is very similar to the first Q camera. However, one of the pictures blatantly shows the camera will have some form of weatherproofing. In it, the camera is covered in droplets of water — a pretty solid indication.

Here the Leica Q2 is covered in water, indicating its probably got some weatherproof
Here the Leica Q2 is covered in water, indicating its probably got some weatherproof

Also subject to speculation is the camera’s sensor. According to Leica Rumors, the Q2 will have a 47-megapixel sensor. That is a huge jump from the original 27-megapixel sensor. Additionally, it’s also suspected that the camera will support 4K video. Those specs, however, are harder to confirm before the announcement.

Leica has leaked a few more specs for the Leica Q2. Here’s everything we know:

  • A significant increase in megapixel resolution: possibly features a 47 MP sensor
  • Increased resolution will enable additional “digital zoom” crop option at 75 mm focal length
  • Retains the same form factor, focal length of 28 mm, and aperture of f/1.7
  • Dust-proof and drip-proof
  • 4K video recording
  • Organic EL EVF
  • Announcement on or around March 6th

So, we should expect to see Leica to officially announce the Q2 on March 6th, or at least close to that date. The original Q was priced at $4,495. It’s likely the Q2 will be priced about the same. Regardless, we should find out if these leaks are true next month.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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