Is the Sony Alpha 9 already dead?

Just three years after its launch, we’re already seeing signs that Sony has discontinued the Alpha 9. While nothing is official right now, it’s not looking good for the camera.

First reported by Sony Alpha Rumors, a few prominent retailers (B&H and Adorama) currently list the Sony Alpha 9 as discontinued. Though, if you go to Sony’s official website, the camera isn’t listed as discontinued, but rather out of stock.

What’s going on?

There are numerous explanations for why both B&H and Adorama are listing the Alpha 9 as discontinued. First, and the most obvious one, it’s discontinued. Frankly, this would be pretty surprising sincethe camera was released just four years ago (in 2017). Also, Petapixel points out that Sony likes to keep its cameras available for a while — for example, the Alpha 7R Mark III, which is just as old as the Alpha 9, is still available.

It’s also possible the Alpha 9 is in low supply, making it near impossible for B&H and Adorama to restock the camera. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit camera manufacturers hard, with serious gaps in the production process delaying availability for the past year-plus. Also, after an unfortunate factory fire, many companies are struggling to obtain the parts they need to manufacture their cameras. Sony is no exception. So, the retailers might be listing the model as discontinued, but Sony might still sell it on its official website when it can restock.

Has Sony discontinued the Alpha 9?

There’s been no official word from Sony one way or another. Considering how hard it is to get essential camera parts right now, it might have chosen to discontinue the camera to put its resources into new cameras. At least for now, you can’t purchase the camera on B&H and Adorama. We’ll have to see if Sony eventually restocks or officially drops the camera.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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