Is a Simga 60-megapixel mirrorless camera in development?

There may be a new high-resolution Simga 60-megapixel mirrorless camera with a never-before-seen sensor coming in 2020.

In a report from Fstoppers, the site claims “Next year, [Sigma will] be releasing a high-resolution mirrorless camera that takes advantage of a niche sensor technology that produces very sharp images.” So, while Sigma has just announced the Sigma fp mirrorless camera, it seems the company isn’t done.

What we know so far

The unique sensor

Sigma’s Foveon sensors are said to offer sharp images when shooting. It’s different than the standard Bayer sensor. While the Bayer sensor uses different photosites for red, green, and blue wavelengths, the Foveon sensor is stacked with each photosite receiving all three and relying on the different depths to distinguish each color. These sensors are known to offer great base ISO. However, they’re also known to be slow and not flexible. Often paired with fixed lenses, they also tend to have horrible high-ISO performance.

Fstoppers says the new camera will have this sensor, but don’t freak out yet. That doesn’t mean the camera will be slow, have bad high-ISO and not have lens flexibility.

More specific specs

According to Fstoppers, Sigma is planning a 60-megapixel L-mount mirrorless camera with the unique Foveon sensor. It’s true that it’s not clear if the camera will have a good high ISO performance. However, we’d think since the camera is supported by L-mount, we should see a boost in usability and speed. Also, there are many lenses supported by L-mount, so the lens options are open.

It’s possible the camera won’t suffer the drawbacks a Foveon sensor usually brings, but we just have to wait for more info about the Simga 60-megapixel mirrorless camera to really get the full picture.

Image courtesy TechRadar

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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