Zoom R20 multi-track recorder
Image courtesy: Zoom

Japanese audio specialists at Zoom Corporation have launched the Zoom R20 multi-track recorder and mixer. It’s a portable sixteen-track production studio that lets you record, edit and mix your audio on the go.

Sixteen audio tracks

The Zoom R20 lets you work with up to sixteen audio tracks and record to eight tracks simultaneously. Zoom claim that the R20 has the best preamps and noise floor of any multi-track recorder the company has ever designed.

Eight inputs

Zoom R20
Image courtesy: Zoom

Additionally, the Zoom R20 multi-track recorder has eight inputs, including six XLR and two XLR/TRS combo jacks. In addition, phantom power at 48v is available on inputs five to eight — switchable in pairs. There’s also a headphone socket for easy monitoring. The AC adapter features the new Zoom locking plug to prevent the recorder from becoming accidentally unplugged.

WAV files

The Zoom R20 multi-track recorder can record to SDHC or SDXC cards at up to 24-bit /44.1kHz in BWF-compliant WAV format audio files. The recorder is compatible with cards up to 1 TB in capacity.

Color touchscreen

Zoom R20 multi-track recorder in use
Image courtesy: Zoom

With the Zoom R20’s 4.3-inch full-color LCD touchscreen, you can navigate and edit your recordings via a DAW-inspired interface. The touchscreen’s tracks, fader sliders and gain dials are also color-coded, so you can be sure you are adjusting the correct channel.


Once you have recorded your audio, you can fine-tune your tracks and mixes with effects such as EQ, compression and more. The Zoom R20 also includes a full MFX processor compatible with Guitar Lab software.

Synth Sounds

For musicians, the Zoom R20 multi-track recorder includes eighteen built-in synth sounds, which you can control from the touchscreen. Alternatively, you can plug in a USB-C MIDI keyboard. The R20 can also generate drum sounds across thirty genres and 150 rhythm patterns and song form variations. In addition, the R20 can import and play back standard MIDI files such as bass lines, melodies, piano parts and more.

Pricing and availability

The Zoom R20 multi-track recorder and mixer retails at $399 and is available now.

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