Intel’s next CPU architecture will combat costy video cards

Intel claims its 11th generation integrated graphics will be sporting more than a teraflop of power. Say goodbye to expensive video cards.

This is great news for the gaming community. For some context, the Xbox One X features a 6-teraflop GPU and the PlayStation 4 has 4.2 TFLOPS. According to Intel, the 11th generations graphics will be twice as fast as its GEN9 hardware ina “popular photo recognition” application. It does have more than twice the execution units of Gen9’s. Gen11 has 64 while Gen9 has 24.

Intel’s next chip architecture is called Sunny Cove

Intel also announced the name of its next chip architecture. Sunny Cove will make it debut in Xeon server and Core desktop chips later in 2019. Obviously, it should run more fast and efficiently than what we have right now. The architecture should also be able to run more work in parallel.

According to Intel, Sunny Cove will be focused on minimizing latency with new algorithms and increase data throughput with bigger buffers and caches. There should also be better support for cryptography, data compression and decompression.

That’s all that’s known about Sunny Cove at the moment. We should learn more later in 2019.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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