Insta360 teases a new 360-degree camera coming this week

Insta360, a camera company known for creating consumer 360-cameras, is teasing a new 360-camera that’s slated to be announced this week.

The teaser is just 30-seconds long. It doesn’t give us much, so we can only speculate what the new camera is. All we know at this point is the camera is a 360-degree camera that’s the next Insta360 pocket-size camera. How do we know this? The video is titled “Impossible in Your Pocket.” This means the camera will likely be small enough to fit into your pocket.

Image courtesy: Insta360

What could the new camera be?

As pointed out by DroneDJ, there’s an image shaped in a similar way to the original ONE X.

“I noticed an image shaped in a similar way to the camera we can see in the video with three glowing rings, one at the top, middle, and bottom,” Josh Spires of DroneDJ says. “Straight away, the positioning of the three circles points me at the Insta360 ONE X, which follows the same design. The camera lens at the top, display in the middle, and a smaller button at the bottom. As I’m pretty certain it will be the successor to the ONE X 360-degree camera …”

It really isn’t far-fetched to believe the announcement this week brings about a similar camera to the ONE X. If this is true, we can expect to see it have specs like a sensor capable of shooting 5.7k 30 fps video and 18 MP photos.

When will Insta360 announce the new 360-degree camera?

You can expect Insta360 to announce its new 360-degree camera this week on October 28th.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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