iFootage announces three new LED lights for filmmakers

iFootage has announced three new LED lights for filmmakers. The Anglerfish SL1 130DNA is a daylight-balanced fixture, while the SL1 60BNA and 130BNA are bicolor lights.

SL1 130DNA

iFootage calls the Anglerfish SL1 130DNA a sunlight spectrum LED light. The company says that the light is meticulously crafted to closely mimic the spectrum of natural sunlight. This means that you get accurate color rendering across the color spectrum. In particular, iFootage says that the SL1 130DNA gives you lifelike skin tones. This is backed up by a very high TCLI of 99 and CRI of 98, along with an SSI of 84. In addition, the low blue light technology means that your talent will get less eye strain and discomfort.


The SL1 130DNA has a power draw of 160W and a light source output power of 130W. In practice, this means that you will get up to 19200 lux at 1 meter with the included reflector. iFootage says that their reflector also gives you a uniform light beam without a hotspot. Without the reflector, you will get a more diffused output, with a maximum output of 5000 lux at 1 meter. As a daylight fixture, the SL1 130DNA has a color temperature of around 5600K.

Other features

The SL1 130DNA has a dual-turbo fan active cooling system, and you can choose between three modes: intelligent, silent, and ultra-silent. The ultra-silent mode produces only 28dB of noise, so shouldn’t cause a problem even in quiet locations. The SL1 130DNA also has eight built-in creative lighting effects: fireworks, lightning, paparazzi, pulsing, welding, explosion, faulty bulb and strobe.

SL1 130BNA and 60BNA

The Anglerfish SL1 130BNA and 60BNA lights both have a CCT range from 2700-6500K. The SL1 130BNA has a TLCI of 99 and a CRI of 98, while the 60BNA has the same TLCI and a CRI of 97.  In addition, both fixtures have an SSI of 83 at 5500K and 91 at 2700K. As for the daylight-only model, the SL1 130BNA has a power draw of 160W and an output of 130W. The SL1 60BNA has a lower power draw of 90W and an output power of 70W.


At 1 meter, the SL1 130BNA has a maximum output of 14000 lux with the reflector and 3800 lux without. The SL1 60BNA has corresponding maximum outputs of 8000 lux and 2200 lux. Both lights also have the same dual-fan cooling system as the SL1 130DNA fixture.  In addition to the eight creative effects from the daylight model, the SL1 130BNA and 60BNA add TV and CCT cycling options.

Power options

All three lights can be powered from an AC power supply, V-mount battery, type C power supply or a 970 battery pack. You can also get an optional ergonomically designed pistol grip for hand-holding the lights using a V-mount battery. In addition, the lights feature a Bowens mount, so you can use a wide range of lighting modifiers, including barn doors, a Fresnel lens, and softboxes.


In addition to using the onboard controls, all three lights can be operated through the iFootage Lumin app. The app can control up to 220 lights across the SL1, HL1, and PL1 series. You can also use presets, sequences, and scene management options for switching between different lighting setups.

What we think

The new lights from iFootage have a very high-quality output, so you can be confident of getting accurate color rendition in your video. The multiple power options also make the lights very versatile. You can use them just as easily outside, away from AC power, as you can indoors or in a studio. In addition, the inclusion of a Bowens mount means you can probably use your existing modifiers, which is a great cost saving. If you are looking for low-cost light with high color accuracy and a good output, then you should check out the new products from iFootage.

Pricing and availability

The iFootage Anglerfish SL1 130DNA daylight fixture retails at $229 and should be available later this month. The bicolor SL1 60BNA costs $200, and the SL1 130BNA is $280. Both are scheduled for release in August 2023.

Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies is a freelance cinematographer and camera operator from Manchester, UK. He also produces and directs short films as Duck66 Films. Pete's latest short Once Bitten... won 15 awards and was selected for 105 film festivals around the world.

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