HumanEyes will soon launch a VR-hosting cloud platform

3D-Virtual Reality developer HumanEyes has announced the release of the HumanEyes Cloud 1.0 Beta. It is a suite of cloud-based production services and hosting options for VR content creators.

HumanEyes says the Cloud platform looks to simplify the Capture-Create-Share workflow. Also, HumanEyes looks to make 360 and VR180 pictures and videos more accessible. This Beta will be out sometime in mid-November.

“Our goal from the outset has been to build a camera-agnostic VR video editing platform that dramatically simplifies the creation and sharing of content across platforms,” said Shahar Bin-Nun, CEO of HumanEyes Technologies.

This cloud-based platform allows for VR hosting

The Humaneyes Cloud uses forward-compatible 5G and Edge Computing solutions. HumanEyes says the service will provide users “direct” upload capabilities and moves processor-intensive work to the cloud. That work includes stitching, stabilization and image alignment of 360-degree and VR 180 pictures and videos.

According to HumanEyes, the cloud-based VR-hosting platform makes full resolution 5.7K and higher VR production possible on mobile phones, tablets and computers. Additionally, it is open to VR hosting, streaming and sharing of all VR media, even footage captured with other VR cameras.

“We also wanted to eliminate the need for high-powered phones and computers in the editing and stitching process by building a platform with all the tools and horsepower in the cloud,” said Shahar Bin-Nun.

Pricing and availability

The HumanEyes Cloud 1.0 Beta is expected to be out in mid-November. So, we don’t have much time to wait. If you want to participate in the Beta, you can sign up at

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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