Honor and Xiaom are in a smartphone megapixel war

Honor and Xiaom are currently in a smartphone megapixel war. Both announced 48-megapixel image phone sensors and we’re beginning to get some details.

Sony and Samsung both announced the availability of 48-megapixel image sensors for smartphones earlier this year. It seems that Honor and Xiaom will be the first to use the new sensors.

48-megapixel phones are almost here

Honor — which uses Sony’s IMX586 sensor — has revealed the View 20. It’s the successor to the View 10. As of now, we don’t know much about the phone. More details will be announced on January 22nd at an event in Paris. However, the Chinese version of the View 20 will hit stores on December 26th.

But Honor isn’t the only company with a 48-megapixel coming soon. Xiaomi is reportedly ready to release a 48-megapixel phone in the near future. Other than the 48-megapixel, nothing else is known about the phone.

Lin Bin, Xiaomi’s co-founder and president, posted a picture of an alleged smartphone with the words “48MP camera” next to the device’s lens. Nothing else is known, but Lin did say it’s coming in January.

Xiaomi 48-megapixel phone
Lin Bin shared this picture on Weibo

Honor vs Xiaomi: Who will win the smartphone megapixel war?

Samsung and Sony claim their sensors have small 0.8µm pixels, yet their sensors are actually larger than their competitors — measuring out to be 1/2.0 inches. Also, the companies say their phones can capture 12-megapixel images with 1.6µm pixels. The Pixel 3 and iPhone XS have 12-megapixel sensors with 1.4µm pixels, so on paper, these upcoming smartphones have them beat.

It seems that these phones are almost identical at the moment. Both are claiming some impressive sensor specs. But specs aren’t everything, especially when it comes to smartphones. There’s a lot of different aspects that can determine the ending quality of a photo. The phone’s software, size and optics can make a big difference here. We’re just going to have to wait for both to come out for the ultimate sensor king to be crowned.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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