GoPro MAX, HERO models now record whenever they move

GoPro Labs, released last May, allowed GoPro users to try out new and in-development features. This week, GoPro is adding seven new features to GoPro labs for users to test out for GoPro cameras such as the HERO9 Black and MAX.

Previously, you had to own a HERO8 Black to use GoPro Labs. That limited the pool size of users that could test the upcoming features. Now, HERO9 Black, HERO7 Black and MAX model owners can use GoPro Labs and test out the features.

Let’s take a look at what new features have been added to GoPro Labs.

Camera motion triggers

The most notable in-development feature added to GoPro Labs is motion detection triggers. The new motion detection triggers allow GoPros like the MAX to start recording when it detects its moving. Ultimately, the feature makes it much easier for creators to record, eliminating the need to manually start and stop recording. Additionally, the feature saves battery life. GoPros will only record when they’re active, so any irrelevant recording will be limited.

Motion detection enhancements

Notably, motion detection is now supported in all video modes. This includes the GoPro MAX’s 360° motion detection. Additionally, GoPro reports it’s made improvements to the sensitivity range.

USB power triggers

GoPro Labs is testing USB power triggers as well. Essentially, this means GoPro cameras can start and stop themselves whenever it’s plugged into USB power. The way that this is different from camera motion triggers is that it’s based around USB power. Camera motion triggers work when the camera’s accelerometer or gyroscope detects it is moving. So, both features do the same thing, but they’re triggered differently.

One-Button Mode

In the new one-button mode, you can only start and stop your GoPro’s recording. So, this makes it impossible to accidentally change anything. This mode is tailored for those looking for a simplified setup. Also, it would work well for new users. So if you just bought a GoPro HERO9 Black or MAX, this feature can help you learn the basics without getting too deep into the cameras’ settings.

GoPro Labs update breakdown

  • Camera motion triggers
  • USB power triggers
  • Motion detection
  • New exposure modes
  • Simplified Live Streaming QR Code
  • One-button mode


So, if you want to try out the new features yourself, you can access GoPro Labs at You have to be an owner of a HERO9 Black, HERO8 Black, HERO7 Black, or MAX GoPro to try out the features.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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