Limited-edition HERO7 Dusk White
Limited-edition HERO7 Dusk White

To capitalize on the massive success the HERO7 Black’s brought the company, GoPro has repainted the camera to be the HERO7 Black in Dusk White.

Thanks mostly to the HERO7 Black, the 2018 holiday season was a very good quarter for GoPro. The company ended up getting $377 million in revenue and coming out with a $32 million profit for 2018’s fourth quarter. To put its overall increase in context, this holiday season’s revenue jumped 13 percent year-over-year. This was just the second time GoPro’s turned a profit since the third quarter of 2015.

What really jump-started GoPro’s holiday season last year was its HERO7 Black lineup. It is safe to say they are the reason for the profit jump. It makes sense the GoPro would try to release different versions of the HERO7 Black to keep revenue and profits high.

HERO7 goes from black to white

Now, when you look at the HERO7 Black in Dusk White, you might think that it’s just a white version of the HERO7 Black. And, in many ways, you wouldn’t be right. The camera is still $400 with the same 4K/60 fps recording and its groundbreaking live streaming feature. (The GoPro HERO7 Black was the first GoPro to live stream to social media.)

The announcement of the Dusk White version of the HERO7 Black marks the first time GoPro’s released a special version of its flagship camera. Note though that this camera is a limited-edition camera, so it won’t be around forever. Considering that GoPro isn’t offering anything new with the Dusk White version, it seems they’re hoping customers will jump at the fact that this is a limited-edition camera. We’ll see if this is enough incentive to get people to buy.



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