Google adds a Live HDR mode to its Pixel 4 camera

Google revealed more about the recently announced Pixel 4 smartphone. Specifically, Google highlighted improvements to its Live HDR and Night Sight modes.

In total, there for four new photography features in the Pixel 4. While the headlining feature is Live HDR with dual-exposure controls, there’s also a new “learning-based white balance”, a new wide range portrait mode, and a Night Sight mode. Let’s take a look at each feature.

Pixel 4’s camera overview

Looking at the back of the phone, the Pixel 4 sports dual cameras. The phone’s main camera uses a 12.2MP sensor, and there’s also a 16MP telephoto camera module that offers a hybrid of optical and digital zoom.

Live HDR

As we said earlier, the Pixel 4 includes Live HDR with dual exposure controls. It will show you a real-time preview of the final HDR photo, making it easier on photographers. It’s always better to see what the final image will look like, rather than having to guess. Additionally, the dual exposure controls let you adjust the highlights and shadows in the image.

Learning-based white balance

This feature should make it easier for Pixel 4 users to adjust an image’s white balance. According to Professor Marc Levoy, who leads camera technology development at Google Research, Google’s been using this tech in white-balancing Night Sight photos since the Pixel 3. Now, that tech is in all photo modes.

Wide-range portrait mode

This new mode uses more information for the Pixel 4’s dual-pixel imaging sensors. It also uses the new second lens to get more depth data in order to produce more accurate portraits. Essentially, it’s looking to better separate the subject from the background.

Also, Google claims that it will provide better bokeh shape and better definition of strands of hair and fur.

Night Sight mode

There are also some new improvements in Pixel 4’s Night Sight mode, with a new astrophotography mode. It seems like you’ll be able to get some nice night sky shots with it. The phone uses automatic settings and algorithms to deal with things like stars moving during exposure times that goes for multiple minutes

There are more improvements to come

Google says that there are planned camera software updates in the future. We will just have to wait to see what kinds of improvements those updates will bring to the Pixel 4’s camera.

You can pre-order the smartphone now for $799.

Image courtesy: 9to5Google

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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