FXhome rebuilt its video editing software with HitFilm v12.0

Big news coming from FXhome. Today marks the launch of a huge update to its video editing and VFX software, HitFilm v12.0.

FXhome is very ambitious with this update. They’ve created a completely New UI and they’ve added GPU decoding on Intel and NVIDIA Hardware for 10X performance boost. There are also new tools for enhanced 3D animation.

Essentially, FXhome has rebuilt a completely new architecture. The company describes the new interface as a “snappier” user interface. The result of this rebuild is “a fresh new editing and VFX platform with the kind of performance benefits that professionals expect in their workflow,” says FXHome.

HitFilm v12.0 video and timeline
We should see enhanced performance for 3D model animation with the updated HitFilm v12.0

Let’s see what HitFilm v12.0 brings to the table:

Key features and enhancements:

  • Threaded-rendering: FXhome claims separating the new UI from the rendering process results in “a significantly smoother, snappier and highly responsive interface”
  • GPU decoding on Intel: Also, there is decoding for Nvidia hardware. In turn, this results in workflow performance gains of up to 10X
  • Trimmer prefetcher should improve the performance of playback in the trimmer
  • Animation cache for 3D model animation significantly enhances workflow performance

Brand new UI design

  • New updated look to design
  • Removed project screen
  • Tabs removed and a universal menu has been added
  • Mac native menus have been added
  • Windows native behaviors have been added
  • Includes quick color label selection added to the editor and compositor timelines

Pricing and availability

The updated HitFilm v12.0 is out now from the FXhome store and is priced at $299. Go to www.fxhome.com to learn more.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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