Fujinon unveils UA18x7.6 and UA23x7.6 4K broadcast lenses

Fujinon has announced two new portable lenses in its UA Series of 4K broadcast lenses. Those lenses are the UA18x7.6 and UA23x7.6.

Both of these lenses feature “compact and lighter design” according to Fujifilm. The company also claims the lenses will deliver “outstanding image resolving power and rich tonal gradation” while still staying in reasonable prices points.

UA18x7.6 AND UA23x7.6 overview

Starting with the UA18x7.6, the lens seems to be designed for a number of uses. To name a few, it seems it would work in news-gathering, sports, house of worship and creative productions. It’s an F1.8 lens that features a 7.6-137mm focal length along with a 2x extender. Additionally, this lens only adds an extra 3 1/2 lbs to your camera lens.

Moving on to the UA23x7.6, this lens is an F1.8 UHD telephoto zoom. It looks like it can be a lens that can work both inside a studio and in the field. It has a 23x zoom range of 7.6-175mm with a 2x extender. The lenses itself weighs 4.3 lbs.

FUJINON's UA23x7.6
FUJINON’s UA23x7.6

Also, the UA18x7.6 and UA23x7.6 both have High Transmittance Electron Beam Coatings and the same HDR and 2/3-inch 4K performance as the rest of the UA series, according to Fujifilm.

Let’s take a look inside

Inside the UA18x7.6 AND UA23x7.6 are Extra-Low Dispersion and fluorite lens elements. According to Fujifilm, they “control various types of aberrations” allowing the lenses to “achieve amazing sharpness.” Their multi-layer coatings also should achieve rich tonal gradation to shoot quality 4K video.

“These 4K lenses will improve the performance of an HD broadcast camera.,” says Fujifilm. “That means users can make effective use of their existing broadcast equipment in achieving results of greater image quality, and at the same time be prepared for the future of 4K.”


The UA18x7.6 will start shipping in September and UA23x7.6 will start shipping in October.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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