FiLMiC rolls out support for clean HDMI output for Pro app

The FiLMiC Pro Cinema Camera App received a significant upgrade. Now, the app will offer support for clean HDMI output, improving mobile video workflows.

According to FiLMiC Inc., the update “presents significant opportunities for a number of high-value mobile video workflows, including mobile live streaming, mobile webcams and mobile monitoring.” It’s a big deal for content creators that use FiLMiC Pro or anyone that uses their mobile phone to edit on video.

FiLMiC app now supports clean HDMI output

When using a compatible HDMI adapter or over WiFi using AirPlay (for iOS only), the app now enables you to output a camera feed without needing any extra UI elements overlaid. The ability to leverage a Clean HDMI Output enables a few use cases: Live streaming, mobile monitoring, and Mobile WebCam solution.

Video courtesy: FiLMiC Pro

Live streaming

Those that use app can now use one or more smartphones as a camera solution for live streaming. This could save a lot of money on streaming equipment. You can stream with an HDMI live switching device as well. That includes devices like the Blackmagic ATEM Mini.

“Using a compatible HDMI adaptor users can easily transform an iPhone and compatible Android handsets into powerful live camera solutions,” FiLMiC said. “When FiLMiC Pro is paired with our companion app FiLMiC Remote, users can also seamlessly control all cameras wirelessly for complete manual control.”

Mobile monitoring

Clean HDMI Out in FiLMiC Pro will also make it better for you to turn a large screen or monitor into an on-set monitor. You can send out high quality feeds and create a large reference monitor. You can do all this with an HDMI adaptor or wireless connection over Airplay on iOS.

Mobile webcam solution

If you pair the FiLMiC Pro with the Elgato CamLink 4K the app can be used as a webcam. Also, it can be used in about any situation a webcam would be needed. That includes things like live streaming or a video conference. You can use it with applications like Slack, Zoom, Google Meets, and Skype. However, you can use it with just about any video conferencing tool.

Pricing and availability

The upgraded FiLMiC Pro is out now for both iOS and Android for $14. Existing FiLMiC Pro users can get the update for free.

Image courtesy: FiLMiC Inc.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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