Facebook is updating its video raking algorithm to favor creators

Similar to YouTube’s recent announcement about it changing its Trending section, Facebook is rearranging how it distributes and promotes videos.

“We want to help talented video creators find their audience and build profitable video businesses on Facebook. We want to help media companies — whether large, small, global, or local — continue their invaluable work,” says Facebook.

In the coming months, Facebook says it will prioritize original videos that people are looking to watch.

What changes are coming to Facebook?

Loyalty and intent

Facebook is going to extensively look into a video’s intent and how often viewers come back to watch. If both sections look good, they’ll appear in News Feeds. Facebook is going to add more weight in ranking videos that people actually look for and keep coming back to rewatch.

Video and viewing duration

Facebook wants to promote videos that attract viewers for at least one minute. So, Facebook is going to rank videos that engage its audience well. Plus, videos that are at least three minutes long with have an advantage too.


Since last year Facebook has been limiting the promotion of unoriginal or repurposed content. According to Facebook’s statement, the platform is going to get even stricter on unoriginal content.

Now, Facebook already uses a lot of these criteria to rank its video content. However, the latest changes are meant to “give quality, original content a boost,” says Facebook. The company goes on to say that it’s a way to “show videos that people value and to help great video makers reach more people.”

Facebook could be viewed as a more serious video-sharing platform after these changes. If it is able to prioritize the videos that are most relevant, then Facebook will earn more respect.

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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