Edit 10-Bit video on any iOS device using LumaFusion

LumaTouch released a free upgrade for its LumaFusion iOS app. The v2.4.4 upgrade adds the FiLMiC deLOG V3 LUT to LumaFusion, enabling more advanced color grading on iOS mobile devices.

According to LumaTouch, FiLMiC deLOG V3 LUT “radically simplifies advanced color grading for filmmakers and editors.” It conforms LOG footage to the rec.709 color space while also providing more dynamic range to work with.

“As a free addition to the update, LumaFusion v2.4.4 with FiLMic deLOG V3 LUT gives filmmakers and editors the latitude they need to color grade data-rich content for spectacular, cinematic results,” LumaTouch says.

LumaFusion v2.4.4 breakdown

  • HDR support with 10-bit processing and export
  • Export H265 with Transparency
  • New Chroma Keyers tool with automatic key color detection, mask display, and advanced Erosion and Spill Suppression controls
  • Frame aspect, frame rate, and color space can be set automatically when the first clip is added to the timeline
  • Support for Limited Photos Access in iOS 14

Edit 10-bit video in LumaFusion

Shooting FiLMiC Pro 10-bit SDR with FiLMiC Pro increases 256 tonal values per RGB channel. It increases it to 1,024 tonal values per channel. This is a significant increase in mobile video editing. It provides mobile filmmakers with over 1 billion available colors when shooting in 10-bit and Log V3.

All of this extra color information allows content creators to manipulate footage well beyond what is capable with 8-bit video,” LumaTouch says. “For LumaFusion editors, this means that all footage shot with FiLMIC Pro Log V3 is automatically saved as LUT in the color and effects menu. A single click instantly applies the LUT to a sequence for an optimal color grading experience.”

Full HDR support

LumaFusion v2.4.4 adds new Dolby Vision HDR features, like full HDR support with 10-bit processing and export. With this, LumaFusion editors can create projects for HLG, PQ P3, and Rec-709 10-bit color spaces using compatible HDR media.

Pricing and availability

LumaFusion 2.4.4 is out now as a free upgrade for people already using LumaFusion. The app costs $30 in the Apple App Store.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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