DZOFILM announces Pictor 14-30mm T2.8 cine zoom lens

Lens manufacturer DZOFILM has announced the third lens in its Pictor cine zoom lens family for Super 35 sensors. The 14-30mm T2.8 Cine Zoom is the widest lens in the Pictor set. The other two lenses are the Pictor 20-55mm T2.8 and 50-125mm T2.8.

Super 35

The 14-30mm T2.8 Cine Zoom covers a 31.5 mm image circle like the other lenses in the Pictor Zoom set. This means it is compatible with most Super 35 cinema cameras. The lens is also supplied with an interchangeable PL and EF mount.


DZOFILM’s 14-30mm T2.8 Cine Zoom is a parfocal lens. This means that the focus point does not change when you zoom, unlike with photography lenses. In addition, the focus ring has a 270-degree rotation which means you can accurately hit your focus points. The lens has a close focus distance of only two feet. The focus ring, zoom ring and iris ring also all have standard 0.8 pitch gears for use with a follow focus and similar devices.

Optical design

Image courtesy: DZOFILM

The 14-30mm T2.8 Cine Zoom has 21 optical elements in 17 groups and an image consistent with the other Pictor lenses. DZOFILM says that the lens has a floating structure, which minimizes focus breath. Focus breathing is when the image size slightly changes as you pull focus.


DZOFILM’s 14-30mm T2.8 Cine Zoom has a consistent T2.8 maximum aperture across the zoom range. This means your image brightness will not change when you zoom. The lens also has a 16-bladed aperture. This means that you get a smooth rounded bokeh when shooting with a shallow depth of field. You can also achieve a star-like bokeh when stopping the aperture down.


The 14-30mm T2.8 Cine Zoom weighs 4.14 pounds. It is 6.81 inches long in PL configuration and 7.13 inches with the EF mount. In addition, the filter size is 86 mm, which is the same as for the other two Pictor Cine Zoom lenses.

Pricing and availability

The DZOFILM Pictor 14-30mm T2.8 Cine Zoom will start shipping this month. It will be available with a black finish which costs $2,889. There is also a white-bodied option which retails at $3,089. In addition, a three-lens kit with all of the Pictor Cine Zooms will be available. This will cost $7,999 for the black-bodied lenses and $8,199 for the white versions.

Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies is a freelance cinematographer and camera operator from Manchester, UK. He also produces and directs short films as Duck66 Films. Pete's latest short Once Bitten... won 15 awards and was selected for 105 film festivals around the world.

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