Coronavirus update: California Gov. Gavin Newsom is opening some film, TV productions in the state of California

The COVID-19 global pandemic has halted many film and TV productions. However, California Gov. Gavin Newsom will soon release sectoral coronavirus guideline updates that’ll slowly reopen film productions in the state.

During Newsom’s recent digital roundtable discussion, he revealed “We’re in real-time drafting guidelines related to productions, TV, commercials … that would allow (certain) counties to begin to move forward and allow some modification, allow some work to be done, allow some movement in your industry.” However, this doesn’t mean the flood gates are opened. He quickly cautioned “it doesn’t mean the light goes on everywhere.”

While there are 53 of California’s 58 counties that meet the state’s criteria for reopening, that likely won’t green-light reopening for many productions. After all, Los Angeles County doesn’t meet California’s criteria for reopening. A large amount of film work is done in Los Angeles County. That meaning a lot of productions still won’t be reopening soon. When speaking on the reopening status of the county, Newsom said the county “remains a challenging part of the state for us, still.”

California’s film and TV industry waits on pins and needles for coronavirus updates

For nearly two months, California’s film and TV industry have been put on lockdown due to the coronavirus, and there’s been no update since. Since the governor’s quarantine orders, both industries have been wondering when they will be able to shoot again. They also have been wondering what new guidelines they’ll have to follow when the state does reopen amid the pandemic. We will likely hear much more about what the new normal will look like for California’s film and TV industry.

Regardless of what guidelines will be put in place by the governor, production costs are going to skyrocket. Why? Because additional health and safety measures will be necessary for all productions, resulting in higher production costs to provide those things. We might even see production move to another state or even country that has fewer regulations and restrictions.

We will know more this Monday when Gov. Gavin Newsom details his guidelines for California reopening some film and TV productions in countries that meet the requirements to reopen.


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