CES 2022: Skydio 2+ takes Best Drone of CES 2022

Congratulations to the Skydio 2+. This new self-flying drone has earned Videomaker’s award for Best Drone of CES 2022!

The new drone from Skydio builds on the success of the Skydio 2 and X2. The 2+ adds many new features and updates that promise better usability and control. The focus for the Skydio 2+ is on AI-aided controls that make the drone easier to fly for new pilots. This latest release targets both enterprise users and consumers.

Computer-assisted flight

While you can fly the Skydio 2+ in manual mode, the major appeal of this drone is autonomous flight. Like previous models, the Skydio 2+ uses onboard cameras to power its computer vision-aided intelligence system. This AI flight system promised to help users to capture cinematic drone footage with minimal effort.

Pilots can choose between a number of Skydio Skills, which offer subject tracking, navigation and obstacle avoidance. The autonomous flight modes include settings like orbit, rocket or cable cam.

With this release, Skydio adds a Keyframe flight mode that allows pilots to program complex flight paths. Pilots can even replay and edit the flight path and speed of the drone to get the perfect shot.

Skydio 2+
Image courtesy: Skydio

What about the camera?

Autonomous flight may steal the spotlight, but this drone also promises impressive imaging capabilities. The Skydio 2+ offers 13+ stops of dynamic range from its 4K camera. The drone can shoot in resolutions up to 4K60 HDR. It also captures 12MP RAW photos.

Other improvements

The 2+ drone features two pop-up antennas along with a new 5GHz Wi-Fi radio. This extends the transmission range from 3.5km to 6km. The drone also features an improved battery that extends flight time to 27 minutes.

Along with this release, Skydio also announced a new service plan called Skydio Care, which will allow for rapid replacement if you happen to accidentally damage the drone.

Skydio 2+ Pro Kit arranges in grid on white table

Pricing and availability

The Skydio 2+ is priced starting at $1,099. The Pro Kit is available for $2,169. For more information, visit skydio.com.

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