CES 2022: HP Z2 Mini G9 wins Best Desktop at CES 2022

Congratulations to HP! The Z2 Mini G9 is taking home Videomaker’s award for Best Desktop of CES 2022.

Earlier this week, HP announced the new Z2 Mini G9. HP claims this miniature workstation is the most powerful of its kind. The workstation builds on the lineage of previous Z2 Mini generations, promising high-powered performance in a small, versatile package.

According to HP, “The HP Z2 Mini G9, the world’s most powerful miniature workstation, brings high performance that’s packed into a new versatile, contemporary design. Architects and graphic designers in need of a device small enough to fit space-constrained environments no longer need to sacrifice performance.”

Two monitors with a 3D design workspace on the screens. The Z2 Mini G9 sits between.
The new HP Z2 Mini G9 targets architects and graphic designers who need a compact workstation.

What’s inside?

The new compact workstation squeezes in low-profile NVIDIA RTX graphics as well as Intel Core processors, including K-Series. With these, the Z2 Mini G9 promises “seamless transitions between multiple applications for design, rendering, and simulation.”

HP also says the new mini workstation supports both 2D and 3D design and render workflows.

The Mini form factor

Thanks to its compact form factor, the new HP Z2 Mini G9 can fit into smaller spaces without sacrificing power or performance. The workstation already features a sleek design and minimal footprint. However, to free up even more desk space, the workstation has the option to mount onto the back of your monitor.

Top down shot of the HP Z2 Mini G9 on the back of a monitor.
You can mount this workstation to the back of a monitor.

This is great both for those who work in smaller offices and for those working from home in makeshift spaces.

Though HP hasn’t provided much information yet, we do know that this workstation is a powerful and impressive machine. It has certainly earned its place among our award winners.

Pricing and availability

The Z2 Mini G9 is expected to start shipping in March 2022. HP plans to announce further details, including pricing information, closer to the product’s release.

Nicole LaJeunesse
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