CES 2021: What can we expect at this year’s online show?

CES 2021 is upon us. Despite all the challenges caused by the pandemic, the show will go on — this year being fully online.

While this year’s CES is digitized, many major electronic manufacturers will still be attending and showcasing their new products. While last year’s CES focused on more entertaining consumer products, like first-gen folding screens, this year seems to be taking a more serious tone. A lot of the announcements seem to be focused on things like laptops with improved webcams and better microphones. It looks like the pandemic has caused companies to focus on products that will improve user experiences when communicating through video chat and conferences.

How CES 2021 will operate online?

Around this time, we here at Videomaker would be preparing to travel to Las Vegas to attend the show. However, this year, the show will obviously be fairly different. We’re expecting the brand attending the show to host their own livestreams where they’ll make their announcements. As for smaller companies, it is possible they will handle their own livestreams as well or they might be compiled together into a showcase video.

Most of the events will be open to the public for free. However, some of the presentations will be behind a paywall. You must be a CES 2021 attendee to access these presentations.

When is CES starting?

Originally, CES 2021 was set to kick off January 6th and end on the 9th. However, those dates have been pushed back a week. Now CES will start January 11th and end on the 14th. The first day of the show will be headed by companies like AMD, General Motors, Verizon and the CTA. Additionally, there will be press conferences from Sony, LG and Samsung.

We will be covering CES 2021, so stay tuned for all the big tech announcements coming next week.

Image courtesy: Consumer Technology Association

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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