Roland GO:LIVECAST offers pro mobile live streaming, takes home Best streaming device of CES 2020

The Roland GO:LIVECAST Live Streaming Studio is taking home our award for Best streaming device of CES 2020. This mobile live-streaming device will allow streamers to manage their live content and engage with their audience through their smartphones. Congrats, Roland!

Basically, the GO:LIVECAST works as a portable, mini broadcast studio. It seems easy to set up. All you have to do to connect the GO:LIVECAST to smartphone and headphones is plug it in. Once plugged in, the system allows you to monitor sound and start streaming. Also, you can connect microphones to the system. So you can improve your live stream’s sound.



“GO:LIVECAST improves average built-in microphone smartphone audio by giving content creators the ability to connect to other sound sources—from microphones to electronic instruments,” says Roland.

You can insert pre-recorded audio and video clips into live streams through just one button through six customizable controls. You can also raise or lower the volume of the microphone and media clip with the system’s knobs and mute buttons.

Deciding how your stream looks

The orientation of your stream’s frame will be decided by the position of your smartphone. So if you want your stream to be shot in portrait mode, you need to keep your phone vertical. If you want you stream to be in landscape mode, you need to keep your phone horizontal. Additionally, you can select to use your smartphone’s front or rear camera through the app.

Roland announces GO:LIVECAST
The Go:LIVECAST helps beginner vloggers and pro streamers on-the-go.

You can connect a second smartphone to the GO:LIVECAST

One of the highlight features of the GO:LIVECAST is it can connect more than one phone. So you can introduce multiple angles and split-screen views if you have a second smartphone or tablet camera on hand. You can connect them through Wi-Fi.

Making live streaming easier

Through the companion app, the GO:LIVECAST app allows steamers to connect to their preferred platforms and start broadcasting directly. So there’s no need to use third-party streaming software. Also, streamers can simultaneously monitor comments directly in the app while managing their stream.

Pricing and availability

The Roland GO:LIVECAST Live Streaming Studio for Smartphones will be out this month for $249.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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